Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just Another Day?.....

A wait begins….a lifetime achieved
A hope sizzles….a dream gasps
A bond embraced…a relationship splintered
Celebrations sparkle…smokes cry
delights surprise… mournings greet
Passions ignite…souls crumble
A wish to live… a prayer to die
An eternal longing…a blissful fulfillment
A saga unfurls…
A story unwraps…
A drama unfolds…
Another day begins.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Guess I'll Never Know.

Did you lead,
or did I follow?

Did you suggest,
or did I infer?

Did you express,
or did I wish?

Did you convey,
or did I gather?

Did you convince,
or did I believe?

Did you come close,
or did I miss a breath?

Did you let go,
or did I fall?

Did you injure,
or did I get hurt?

Did you forget,
or did I dream?

Did you kill,
or did I die?

Will I ever know?.

You didn’t say,
then how did I hear?

Guess I’ll never know.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stillness Speaks.

Pulled apart in every direction,
sapped, I flop down at the crossroads.
Stillness speaks.

Numb at the world,
frozen bonds…Deceiving loves…disappointing friends…
I close me within myself.
Stillness speaks.

Stampede all around…
buried in cacophony, I go silent.
Stillness speaks.

Struggle to survive,
whirling images… past…present… future…
I surrender to ‘Now’.
Stillness Speaks.

Monday, October 31, 2005


She was the most sensible,
He, as wild and rash as possible

She, happiest with her books
He, in love with his computer

She never acted without thinking twice
He, always on impulse

She was firmly rooted
He loved flying high

She was guided by her mind
His heart ruled his head

She lived strictly by rules
He didn’t know any

She, content in her world
He, living for his goals

She didn’t feel the need to achieve
He never wanted to stop

She never expressed
He could never hide

She clung to reality
He embraced his dreams

She blissfully kept it to herself
He loved to flaunt

She, totally at peace
He, forever restless

They crossed paths…
didn’t look at each other…
Came back again…
And never left…
“Destiny”, I tried to explain
“No,… Love”, they said.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It is all a state of mind

'It is all a state of mind'you say...'stay happy'

yes, it is, .....a state of mind ...
the way we met ,
the way we parted,
those first few words that i still hear,
tears of joy,
it's all a state of mind.

effortless bond,
sense of belonging,
quiet words...said and understood,
miles apart yet the closest
it's all a state of mind.

longing to meet,
blissful contentment,
a dream never seen coming true,
world in my arms,
it's all a state of mind.

endless days ,
sleepless nights,
screaming silence,
stifling pain ,
it's all a state of mind.

images of you,
desperate prayers,
choking memories,
piercing wait,
it's all a state of mind .

empty ,
stripped ,
...its all a state of mind,yes i agree.
i am sorry love
it's really my fault that i can't be happy.

Friday, May 20, 2005

I Envy

I Envy...

..those soft sleepy mornings caressing him gently to wake him up everyday,

..that cup of morning tea ,he lazily picks up and takes to his lips without a thought,

..the daily newspaper he casually holds, flips through and gradually loses himself in,

..those creases on his bed, he so carelessly leaves behind,

..the crisp cotton of his shirt whose familiar touch he feels on himslef the whole day,

.. the metal band of his watch that plays so sensuouly with his wrist,

.. that soft leather of the couch ,he throws his head back upon ,when tired

..the book that rests so comfortably on his chest when he reads at night,

.. the smooth satin darkness that wraps itself around him as he goes to sleep.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

When he saw her...

He couldn’t take his eyes off her . She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He had never felt this urge before, an urge so strong it was difficult to resist, an urge to take her into his arms and feel her next to his heart

He kept on looking at her, too much in awe of her calm and serene beauty, to move… her hair glistening with every golden ray of the sun, her eyes like soothing waters and her skin..untouched…pure. He didn’t know how long he stood there watching her and then as if she sensed it, she suddenly turned and looked at him. His eyes met hers for the first time and his heart skipped a beat.
He took a step towards her…hesitant…unsure…not knowing what her reaction would be…and then he was close to her….so close he could smell her, feel her , touch her.
Still looking into her eyes he lifted his arm and caressed her cheek .Her eyes flickered and he pulled back in fear…and then gently his fingers closed around her hand.
She smiled….
and in that one moment he knew…
that nothing in the world could be more important than her…
that he can take on a lifetime of sorrows for one moment of her joy…
that he can give up the biggest of his dreams to make her smallest one come true…
that he can stand alone and fight for everything that she deserves….for everything that he can possibly get her…
that there is nothing…absolutely nothing in this world that he wouldn’t do for her

He took her in his arms carefully, gently, nervously and kissed his new born baby girl for the first time…
And in that one moment he knew what ‘being a father’ means.

The Person In The Mirror

Everyday I make an effort
But it all goes in vain,
as the sun settles in peace
I sit back feeling drained.
I’ve done everything I could,
I have looked all around,
but that ‘person in the mirror’
Is nowhere to be found.
The one there now, tells me
‘Its me…I am the same’
but how can I believe this
it must be just the name.
For those eyes were bright and vibrant,
sparkling like sun on springs
not these hollow blanks that stare
and hesitate to blink.
Those lips were flushed with colour of life,
not parched and dead like these
they’d part to give a crackling laughter
these give out silent screams.
The person then was filled with pride,
the head was always high,
No! its not this person
who doesn’t even look in the eye.
They are not the same,
they don’t even talk alike
One would talk of hope and truth,
one is living a lie.
I wonder if I’ll ever find him,
I wonder if he’ll come back,
that ‘person in the mirror’,
I wonder if he’s dead.